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About the first aspect, in the literature, there is a growing interest and convergence for the possible use of Tadalafil in ejaculation disorders. Regarding the reduced percentage of patients who report painful ejaculation after therapy, there are no other clinical studies in the literature that examined the usefulness of treatment with Tadalafil. In our study, after treatment, through ultrasound evaluation, we observed an increase in the percentage of patients with uncomplicated MAGI and a reduction in the percentage of patients with complicated MAGI (P and PV). Our results demonstrate that after treatment, only patients with PVE had a significant improvement in the progressive sperm motility. Regarding the sperm parameters in patients with PVE (generally associated with lower quality of semen), there was a significant increase of sperm motility. At baseline, according to the ultrasound criteria, cialis on the web sixty-eight patients had uncomplicated MAGI and the other fifty-two patients had complicated MAGI (thirty patients with PV and twenty-two patients with PVE). Table 2 shows the diagnostic criteria of MAGI. The results of our study are not comparable for different reasons: different doses used (5 mg versus 20 mg), duration of the treatment (six months versus acute administration), and different clinical model (in our study, we enrolled patients with MAGI).

The results of our study show that pharmacological treatment with Tadalafil 5 mg daily for six months, in selected patients with amicrobic MAGI and DE (not due to endocrine or vascular causes), is associated with significant improvements in sexual function, sperm parameters, and quality of symptoms reported by patients. Diagnostic evaluation was performed at baseline and after six months of daily administration with Tadalafil 5 mg. The authors evaluated 17 placebo-controlled trials lasting 12 weeks with the administration of Tadalafil at different doses (5, 10, and 20 mg), for a total of 2581 subjects. In another clinical experience (a randomized, open-label, three-arm study), eli lilly cialis 5mg Liguori and colleagues evaluated the efficacy of a combined therapy with an alpha1-blockers (alfuzosin) and Tadalafil in 66 patients with lower urinary tract symptoms and ED. This study assessed the changes observed after chronic daily treatment with Tadalafil (a specific inhibitor of V phosphodiesterase) regarding the symptoms and sperm parameters of the selected patients with MAGI. In particular, the improvement of sexual function was assessed through the IIEF-5 questionnaire score that was significantly improved after treatment. The mean value of the scores obtained with IIEF-5 was 14.0 В± 2.0. After therapy, a significant increase in the mean value of IEEF-5 score (23.0 В± 2.0 versus 14.0 В± 2.0) has been obtained.

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